Nanxiong Office Design


The Guangdong office is designed to be located in Nanxiong Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. As it is an important local new office, we are asked to infuse some new design concepts at home and abroad. The height of the main structure of the building is 15.53m from the outdoor terrace to the roof. The Gross building area is precisely 3505.24. The building is of reinforced concrete frame structure where the design working life is 50 years and earthquake fortification intensity is 6th degree.

This multi-storey public building has three storeys above the ground and two storeys above the ground locally.

First storey: lobby, reception room, archives room, staircase of reading room and the toilet.

Second storey: Chief Engineer Office, Deputy Chief Engineer Office, Production Technology Department, Equipment Department, Operation Department offices, conference room, stairs, the toilet, and the reserved office.

Third storey: multifunctional hall, equipment storage room, committee office area, centralized office area, conference room, staircase, and the toilet.


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